The API documentation is provided out-of-the-box by swagger-ui and springdoc-openapi.

One can configure this in the application.yaml file of the RDepot backend application (rdepot-app). By default it is configured as follows:

  pathsToMatch: /api/v2/**
    path: /v2/api-docs
    path: /docs/api.html
    disable-swagger-default-url: true
    url: /v2/api-docs
    display-query-params: true
  default-produces-media-type: application/json

The Swagger UI web application can be found on any running RDepot instance, at the following URL: http(s)://<rdepot-backend-public-url>/docs/api.html (see the springdoc.swagger-ui.path configuration parameter above).

The OpenAPI v3 specification in JSON can be found at the following URL: http(s)://<rdepot-backend-public-url>/v2/api-docs (see the springdoc.api-docs.path configuration parameter above).

Please note that changing the springdoc.swagger-ui.path and springdoc.api-docs.path configuration parameters is not supported, as they are hard-coded in the web application security filter chain to be accessible without any authentication.

One can disable the deployment of the Swagger UI web application by setting the springdoc.api-docs.enabled configuration parameter to false.

See here and here for additional information on the configuration.